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Alabama High School Athletic Association Requirements


If you are interested in becoming an AHSAA official in the sports of Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Softball, Track, Volleyball or Wrestling, feel free to contact either  Ken Washington, or Vanda Peppers at the AHSAA office.  The phone number is 334-263-6994. 

Email addresses are:, or

Application and Registration Process

All officials with the AHSAA must go to DragonFly Max at to register in each sport you plan to officiate with the AHSAA. You then contact a local association and express your interest in joining their organization.  You must be a member of a local association in each sport you officiate.  


     You will also be required to submit to a yearly background check that will be part of the registration process for all officials at or above the age of 18.  


The local association for Northwest Alabama is the Tennessee Valley Football Officials Association (FB701).

Once accepted into the local association, you must then pay the $60.00 AHSAA application fee online, plus $10 background check fee via DragonFly, plus $55 local association fee paid in person (cash or check) at one of the TVFOA meetings.  

When the AHSAA receives the fee from DragonFly, you will be mark you paid at the state level.  You will begin the benefits set forth within the coverage of the NFHS insurance policy used by the AHSAA for our officials.

You will then be eligible to begin the online clinic and testing process to complete your registration with the AHSAA.  In order to complete the registration process and be eligible to officiate AHSAA member school contests, you must make a passing score of 80 on this exam.  In order to complete the registration process and be eligible to officiate AHSAA member school contests as a Restricted official, you must make a passing score of 70 on this exam.  If you have any further questions about this information, please call us at 334-263-6994.

Follow the link below to register as a new official with TVFOA and pay AHSAA dues/fees.

Code of Ethics


This Code of Ethics, set up by the AHSAA, establishes the standards of conduct for all officials.

1. An official must devote time, thought and study to the rules of the game and the mechanics necessary to carry out these rules so that effective and creditable service may be rendered in a fair and unbiased manner. 

2. An official must work with fellow officials and the state association in a spirit of harmony and cooperation in spite of any differences of opinion that may arise.

3. An official must resist every temptation and outside pressure to use the position as an official for personal benefit. Under all circumstances, officials must avoid promoting the special interest of any person or group other than the atheletes being  serve.

4. An official must constantly uphold the honor and dignity of the avocation in all personal conduct and relationships with student-athletes, coaches, athletic directors, school administrators, colleagues and the public in order to set a worthy example for the athletes under the official's jurisdiction.

5. An official must be prepared both physically and mentally, dress according to the uniform code and maintain a proper appearace that is befitting the importance of the contest.

6. An official must remember and recognize the importance of  honoring contracts regardless of possible inconvenience or financial loss.


Every member of the officiating profession carries a responsibility to act in a manner becoming a professional. The conduct of any official influences the attitude of the public toward the profession in general as well as toward the official in particular.


Officials may be reprimanded, fined and/or suspended for any conduct unbecoming of an official or any violation of the Code of Ethics

Officials' Sportsmanship Course Requirements

Beginning with the 2017-18 school year, the AHSAA will require all first-time officials to complete the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Sportsmanship Program as an eligibility requirement.


The action was approved by the AHSAA Central Board at its winter meeting.    The NFHS sportsmanship component is replacing the STAR Sportsmanship Program the AHSAA has required since 2008. The NFHS sportsmanship component can be found at    New first-time officials  should take the NFHS Sportsmanship on-line course. They must register in order to access the course.    Once registered, you must log in and then access the course from the list of free courses or go to the following link:

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